Integrated Collaboration

Use of IM/Presence based technologies for day-to-day business communication is increasing between employees and customers alike. The complexity arises when management needs to quantify the efficiency of the organization across the entire UC Stack: Voice, Video, and IM. A single UC Analytic solution that is multi-vendor capable provides visibility to the user level across all communication media types.


How does Predictive UC Analytics track Integrated Collaboration?

For Cisco, Microsoft, and other unified communication platforms Predictive UC Analytics provides flexible management and secure delegation with restricted access controls by features, reports, and organizational structure. Easy to use web-based portals provide management real-time visibility across the UC Stack and actionable alerting when conditions require an immediate response. In additional collaboration requirements are supports with shared views for rapid deployment accelerate return on investment.

Resource Management and Productivity

When the only constant in the network is change, administrators require 360 degree visibility with intelligent alerting. Whether resource management pertains to staffing or network capacity active monitoring, clear and concise business intelligence is a game changer in today's competitive landscape. Predictive UC Analytics answers fundamental questions pertaining to adoption rate, media type effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and misuse of IM for personal communication. In addition, Predictive UC Analytics actively trends statistical predictions and notifies you when activity boundaries are crossed.


How does Predictive UC Analytics provide Resource Management and Productivity analysis?

Predictive UC Analytics's ability to collect, normalize, and trend the entire UC stack across a multi-vendor deployment provides simple-to-use analytics to pro-actively balance the operational cost of supporting the network and the resource staffing. Management can leverage historical reporting, interactive dashboards, real-time mapping views, and intelligent alerts to drive the efficiency of the business from a globally view to that of a single UC session or call.