Predictive Analytics

Traditional reporting technologies only go one step beyond providing access to raw data straight off the network devices that output it. Even advanced systems that provide historical trending are silo'ed in nature providing limited visibility to a single UC technology and in many case for a single manufacture. Predictive UC Analytics provides significantly more. Predictive UC Analytics future-proofs your investment by being universal across UC components of Voice, Video, IM, Collaboration, and Email in a single solution that is manufacturer independent. Second, Predictive UC Analytics is a solution that gives end-users not just historical and real-time access to session activity but statistical modeling of traffic patterns with accurate long-term and short-term projections so that you can run a business with confidence.


How does Predictive Analytics work?

As streams of UC session activity is being collected Predictive UC Analytics is enhancing and stastically modeling all session activity. Automation provides real-time visibility not not just for immediate actionable events but for short & long-term modeling of capacity, adoption, staff performance, and revenue assurance. Predictive UC Anlaytics provides interactive interfaces and reports with built in notifications capabilibilites to trend outliers and significant deviations of activitiy to make any businness criteria actionable. Practical applications support business requirements for contact centers, busines analytics, IT network planning, and network security.

Secure, Role-based Visualization

Critical business information needs to be placed in the hands of functional leads. The faster and more effectively this can occur the better the organization can support both internal and external customers. Traditional offerings limit technology owners to a 'canned' way of looking at their business. TeleMate recognizes that the technical abilities of management varies throughout an organization, as do the expectations of one manager to another. Secure, role-based security acts as an underlying security filter in all visualization mechanisms provided by Predictive UC Analytics. User-defined control allows for end-users to simply enable or disable viewing and placement of different sessiom attributes throughout the product. A simple example can be outlined by looking at the needs of a contact center agent, a supervisor, and the VP of operations. All three need information from the same dataset but each need individualized levels of summary and detail statistics to determine the effectiveness of the service each is providing.

Predictive UC Analytics takes this premise even further for large enterrpsies and service providers wanted to extend limited management control as well as shared views to down-stream users yet retaining administrative control. This accelerates use of information and reduces training requirements.


How does Secure, Role-based Visualization work?

Application security plays an import part in providing secure, role-base access by application feature, UC session activity, filters, as well as, scope of results managers can even see detail information on. The level of access and control was originally a service provider feature used for customer provisioning but expanded in popularity to enterprises as network administrators recognized that directory service integration provided the authentication controls needed to enable secured, role-based access to 's dataset by department, and business need. Sales managers, Call Center supervisors, Human Resources, Facility Management, as well as Security Officers, all benefit as much as Telecommunication Managers.

As popularity of having UC analytics expanded the Predictive UC Analytics extended it's security to provide share views where end-users with view only acces can interact with the visualization interfaces but not edit or delete them. In this use-case ownership is retained by the user that had the authority to create the view. This simplifies and accelerated deployment timetables and value to the organization.

Real-Time Event Notification

In today's business environment network administrators and management teams seldom have time to page through hourly, daily, and weekly reports looking for anomalies and call patterns that need immediate attention. Strategic resources are already inundated with tasks where priorities are continually changing. Real-time monitoring with flexible notification methods allow solutions to work smarter for you.


How flexible are Predictive UC Analytics' notifications?

Time is critical in dynamic network environments. Predictive UC Analytics addresses this reality by providing management a user friendly tool to define criteria and thresholds that Predictive UC Analytics will watch on their behalf. Flexible notification methods allow for automated events that can emulate anything a person can perform at a computer console such as distribute a report, perform a HTTP POST or GET request, generate an SMNP trap, or execute a calling tree. Let Predictive UC Analytics' Monitors help you by being the eyes and extra set of hands you need to monitor your networks QoS, capacity, voice security, and E911 / Emergency Notification.

Interactive Mapping

Different people in the organization have different expectations of visibility of network usage based on their level of experience, technical abilities, and available time. What is needed is a simple point and click interface that presents simple interactive dashboards where management can see what they want, how they want it, and eleiminate the time paging through 100's or even 1000's of pages of session detail.


How can Interactive Maps help me?

Predictive UC Analytics' Viewpoint provides interactive maps giving end-users quick, point-n-click access to real-time session information where size and color provide visual cues of actionable events. Eliminating the need for traditional historical reports and providing simple and immediately accessible business intelligence. Maps can be created to display business campaigns, customers contacts, capacity and traffic utilizations, quality of service, and more. Set up is simple with provided maps out-of-the-box.

Historical Trending

Every reporting solution in the market provides information based on increments of time. Monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly are the most common. If the need to compare activity from one period of time to 'like' periods is needed, multiple reports need to be run and manual time consuming steps need to occur to obtain the information needed. Predictive UC Analytics' trend-based reports provide user-definable options to control trending of any UC session activity attribute as well as how many periods to model. This is ideal for retail organizations, call centers, and capacity planning. Second, by utilizing the predictive analtics of the solution you are able to look into the future by modeling our forecasted trendswith built-in notification features if anytime our prodiction fall outside definable user-defined thresholds.

Cradle-to-Grave Visibility

Most think activity monitoring and reporting solutions are the same. The primary benefit of Predictive UC Analytics is to provide maximum visibility into how the UC networks are being utilized by dynamically binding datasets and creating a superset of session detail. In addition, by utilizing the TeleMate Collector Pro our solutions link event records showing not just the original and final party but all the transfers in between.