International Toll Fraud

As a system engineer everyone knows someone that has received a monthly statement that had extra digits on the amount due. The number one source of toll fraud comes from international points of origin seeking free phone service. The notion that VoIP made toll-fraud a thing of the past is just a fallacy. Hackers continually probe phone networks looking for unrestricted ports until they discover the access they are looking for. Don't be next!


How does Predictive UC Analytics stop Toll Fraud?

Toll fraud is a real problem effecting service providers and large enterprises on a daily basis. Predictive UC Analytics provides an array of trending and real-time alerting features to instantly notify you when traffic anomalies occur. The most common are short bursts of incoming calls of like durations, possibly after business hours or off-peak times. Additional criteria can be as simple as calls with specific transfer disconnect reason or number of leg disconnects. Predictive UC Analytics' flexibility supports monitoring complex criteria.

VoIP Spamming, Denial of Service, and Caller ID Spoofing

VoIP hijackers often use vulnerable systems for sending mass amounts of automatically dialled pre-recorded phone calls. Thousands of messages can be used as a denial of service (DoS) attack where by the hijacker spoofs a legitimate businesses caller ID. The main technology that is exploited to carry out these attacks is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).


How does Predictive UC Analytics identify calling pattern anomalies?

Predictive UC Analytics provides a number of mechanisms to monitor concurrent phone activity of like attributes. Regardless of the call destination, automatic monitoring can identify and alert network administrators of sudden increases in traffic patterns. In addition, historical trending provides at-a-glance visibility into variations in normal calling patterns.

Tandem Calling

OFF network to OFF network calls in many networks are disabled but some have business use cases for this type of service. In addition, hackers having penetrated border security will enable tandem calling without the knowledge of network administrators.


How does Predictive UC Analytics track Tandem Calls?

Predictive UC Analytics is designed to capture all incoming, outgoing, internal, and tandem calls. Based on the PBX manufacturer Predictive UC Analytics can track cradle-to-grave call activity enabling administrator to monitor and receive proactive notifications of the tandem calls and tandem call attempts.

Extension Mobility and Authorization Codes

Many PBX manufacturers have embraced security concerns by building basic functionality to secure theft of service. Whether using VoIP mobility or TDM forwarding features, typically protections provided are not enabled by default or designed to address monitoring and notification requirements.


How does Predictive UC Analytics monitor simultaneous access?

Predictive UC Analytics reporting and real-time event notifications support the ability to monitor concurrent traffic criteria. Flexible accumulators, filtering, and threshold options provide functionality to support use-cases from capacity planning of SIP trunks, monitoring simultaneous use of authorization codes, and access attempts to restricted services. Predictive UC Analytics alerts can notify administrators immediately so the threat can be investigated.

E911 / Emergency Notification

VoIP Security does not stop at the network border but must include internal monitoring and emergency notification. TeleMate's real-time monitoring detects E911 activity and automatically broadcasts customized notification announcements to distribution groups able to respond. Though it is common that 911 calls are mis-dialled phone numbers the ramifications of missing just a single incident can be devastating.


How do Predictive UC Analytics Monitors work?

Predictive UC Analytics Monitors are user-define processes that monitor any attribute Predictive UC Analytics is capturing from the call activity. Filters can be applied to to any combination of attributes to support very narrow to broad criteria. E911 is simply monitoring site locations or groups of people where the Dialled Number filter equals 911. Provided notification methods and customizable content provide the piece of mind that assistance is on the way.